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When does trampling someone become 'abuse' discussion.

21 May 2018
You know this day and age there's always those whiny people out there who complain about everything so this I feel is a good time to bring this up. A number of people I've met and talked to (mostly people outside the this community) see a guy trampling a guy the same as a guy abusing a guy.

Now I understand the whole trampling thing more I totally get it. Some guys like to feel like they are in control... or own someone. They always end up being the trampler. The subs who want to be used by the guy who wants to trample then gets what he needs by being trampled.

When both parties are consenting adults there is no problem.

Now lets look at it from another angle. Two guys are good friends..guy 1 and guy 2. The guy 1 is trampling his mate but starts to feel the power a little to much and starts pushing the boundaries more and more. The guy 2 really likes spending time with guy 1 because he has feelings got him and while most of what has been happening... guy 2 lets guy1 do what he wants because of this. Guy1 starts exploring new things but guy2 just lets him do it because he likes being around guy 1.

At what point does this become abuse?


  • lickmykicks
    20 Jan 2018
    It becomes abuse when the actions of another is unwelcome. As an owner of many sneakerlickers I make sure that they all understand what is expected. They have lots of time to object or walk away but most of the time they remain.
  • joshsneaker
    20 Jan 2018
    I think people have to be in the right head space for it as well. I mean - there is a thin line between "oh he wanted it" and "he's my bitch and he doen't have a choice". I think it's up to both people to under stand where fetish ends and real life starts.
  • mrteen
    2 Feb 2018
    If everyone is consenting what's the problem?
  • steps
    11 Feb 2018
    Just sounds like someone not understanding what's going on, these people seeing it as abuse to the guy on the floor. However, I've somewhat had concerns when I see the guy lifting his arm up, or protecting his crotch, but maybe those are just involuntary reactions, and he's still enjoying it, as he hasn't stopped. I would think that the guy submitting has the ability to stop it whenever he likes. There is some hotness in the unexpected, and a guy being able to do whatever he wants. I guess it's up to the guy down there to communicate well what he wants before it begins.
  • airmaxuk
    20 Feb 2018
    Quite often the 'sub' is the one calling the shots- requesting that specific things be done and outlining what cannot be done. Within these boundaries everything is sweet.

    Of course, a great dom can manage to get a sub to BEG for something to happen that the sub originally didn't want. When that happens, you know who has the psychological control, and it leads to consensual activity.

    Abuse is if an action takes place when the sub had used the safe word imo
  • crush3me
    21 May 2018
    As a doormat. I often receive what to most people would be called "abuse"

    I am degraded, called names and often my hands might flinch/react to what is happening.

    Yet I have never, ever had a dom who ignored my stop signal, at that point, that is abusive because I am no longer consenting to what is taking place.
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