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Is less actually more?

27 Feb 2018

You might be enlightened to know that while I run this site in the real world I'm also a social media consultant for many small moms and dads companies. One thing that always seems to get me is the statement "Less is more."

In social media, lets take this website as an example, 1 quality photo is much better than 100 photos that are taken in quick succession.

Pick your content for your audience.

Just something to think about.


  • spencer
    27 Feb 2018
    When you say you run this site, do you mean you manage an account here? @joshsneaker is the show runner here. It's his creation and he manages it.
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  • lickmykicks
    27 Feb 2018
    @spencer Yes I have an account here sorry my english is a bit rough.
  • joshsneaker
    27 Feb 2018
    I think there are a few people on here who do posting right and a few who don't but everyone has to learn somewhere. It's all about taking that first step to share something with a 'community'. Not everyone has the courage to post. There are quite a few who just come to look... and stay anonymous. But your statement 'less is more' is correct. If you take 100 pics you should only post 1 good one... it's more likely to get attention and likes than posting 99 bad ones.
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