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Updated v6.0.8 - Update to follow/unfollow.

3 weeks ago.
Hey Team!

While it's just trivial I've updated the follow/unfollow method so the button now goes orange when you follow someone. Click it again and you will unfollow them. I've also suppressed emails being sent to those who want them more than once. It was a bit hit and miss but I made it a bit smarter. There's also a bit of javascript that changes the number in the followers count. You'll most likely need to refresh your cache to see these work. Same with on a mobile you'll need to dump the cache for this to work correctly.

I've also made a start on the transition. This will likely happen before christmas 2018. I have the mail server up and running and I'm warming up the sending IP's with a few providers. If you want to help me warm the IP up send me an email to and I'll reply. The whole idea of warming the IP up is to create a good sending reputation. Hotmail is the one that's been giving me problems... and Office 365 so if anyone has one of those adddresses please flick me lots of emails.

I should be in a position to boot up the new VM for the website in the coming days...

Watch this space.