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8 Feb 2019
Who else knows about your little "hobbies " in sneaks, boots and mainly, that you get hard because of that?
I'm wondering if others should know that. I have a few friends, that I can trust in some things, bit not in everything.... some of them has a realz nice sneaks. Hot for me, I get hard just by seeing them. Some of them has a boots for work or armysports so hot that I dream of licking them, getting stomp vs them and all on.
One to my friend has a 46big work boots used even in winter, (which means they are more massive )and sometimes, when I see them in his house or he just come on bike with them on feet, I make jokes like ; what could possibly happen, If he would step with them on my head, chest and other's. He just reply like that it would be deadly and such a things, but never really looks forward for doing such fun, even if I would ask him without jokes. (I'm trying to convince him by saing we can, that I Wil hold him.on my chest in those boots) btw, he's got about 110 kgs ...
Once I said when I saw them like: how big feet you have... 26... wau! That is a really huge boot and soles... and he replied that it's a bad thing, that he couldn't print that sole on my head entirely. And that idea makes me hard every time I see them again.

But I'm afraid how he will react if I would ask him that, maybe even ask him for getting trampled by him... or by any of my friends.
What you think? And what are your experiences?
Btw, No One knows this about me, except people like you and my stomper.