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Who makes a good trampler? - Question Answered.

7 weeks ago.
Who makes a good trampler?

Well to look at this question you have to think about the trample. If you are good or not is completely relative to the experience you want to give to the one looking up at you from the floor.

I break it down into 3 main categories.

#1 Your attitude.
#2 Your weight and fitness.
#3 Your personal hygiene.

#1 Your attitude.
When your trampling someone you need to have a discussion first about your limits. You can still be dom and respect the person your trampling... after all while it's all about you there's another person involved. You should discuss your signs... for example. When the sub has had enough or can't take anymore. I like to tap on the floor and get guys I trample to do the same. Watch for these signs as you might not be able to hear them if you're lucky enough to be on carpet. Push the limits but don't cross the line. Importantly if your trampling someone... they know the risks. Don't ask them every few seconds if they are all right. That kills the mood.

#2 Your weight and fitness.
This ones going to piss a few people off... but this is my opinion. Lighter guys tend to be able to get away with much more. The heavier you become the less likely you are to find someone willing to lay on the floor for you. Keeping your weight in check keeps both parties happy and of course makes for overall fitness. Runners, Gym bunnies and people who play sport tend to have a high level of fitness so are less likely to get puffed and out of breath when they are trampling. It also a good way to put wear on your kit... adds to the fun.

#3 Your personal hygiene.
This is a biggie for me. If I'm going to have you under my desk all day - or if I'm going to use you as a doormat... you need to be clean. Show up with clean kit (unless otherwise discussed). Don't assume that either party is into your poor personal hygiene before you even talk about it. Having a shower and sliding on a clean pair of socks goes a long way to having people come back.

These are my opinions only... got something to add? Leave a comment below.