Message Board is still coming... 2019

4 weeks ago.
Hey Team,

Just a bit of an update about A few people have asked me where it is - and have repeatedly reminded me I did say the end of 2018 however things have changed a little. I've had a bit of a transition into a new software dev contract that's demanded LOTS of my time. So much that my own projects haven't been given a second look.

I still have my eye on moving away from the 'squishysquishy' brand and more to the 'treads' branding in 2019. The website is pretty much ready to go and I've got a halfway decent android app to match. I did find out that much of my code didn't work when I updated to PHP 7.2 so this needs to be fixed before I start the release.

While I'd like to avoid everyone having to register again I think to clean out the database.

Treads.NZ is also going to be invite only. This means you won't be able to register unless you know someone already on the website. While this will probably be the biggest cock-up ever... Everyone who's currently a member will get an invite sent to them via email so... the moral of the story - MAKE SURE YOUR EMAIL IS CURRENT.

On the topic of emails... people always ask me why I even ask for an email address for this kind of website. Well it's pretty simple really. It's a known process of recovering your password if you forget it. It's also somewhere we can contact you if you report content or need help.

More info will follow.

Josh Sneaker


  • high_top
    4 weeks ago.
    well maybe once the change will free up space you need, Be good to see the true active and real tramplers/slaves out there who are wanting to curve there fetish so forth. i heard you had space problem with pics, if you could if look at putting a 1-2 year tome frame on each pic.
  • joshsneaker
    4 weeks ago.
    @high_top Yes I was considering doing that with content that has not' generated any traffic in a while. Just have to make time to code such things.
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