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18 Jan 2018
I'm always curious when I come here how many kicks people have in their collections. I have a small and growing collection (you can see some of them in my albums).

What draws you to a good shoe?

What draws you to look at a guy wearing a hot shoe?

Just a few thoughts for this day.


  • mysophile
    4 Mar 2017
    I'm also curious about the number of sneakers in other guys' collections... currently I have about 45, but I want to reduce my collection, since I only wear about a dozen on a regular basis... the others are worn just once in a while.

    For me, a shoe must be well fitting and comfortable, above its appearance and style. Fortunately, brands such as Nike are consistently able to produce shoes that both look and feel great... about 30 out of 45 of my sneakers are Nikes.

    I'm usually drawn to any shoe that looks well-worn, although a nice, new pair (just waiting to get dirty) is also cool. I like that after months or years of wear, a pair of kicks accumulates more and more scent... usually a nice, masculine smell that reminds me of the dude who wears them
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  • joshsneaker
    5 Mar 2017
    I have just under 60 now. Most of the ones that start crumbling I just throw away. I have a nice collection broken up between where I'm staying right now and back at my dads house. I hope to get it down to 20 over this year.
  • troylondon
    5 Mar 2017
    I only have 4 pairs of kicks... hehe.
  • sneakertrample
    14 Mar 2017
    I only have two pairs right now and boots.
  • shoefetishbr
    18 Jan 2018
    I have about 20 + shoes.
    I want more. Lol.
  • jasonjock
    18 Jan 2018
    I have 15 pairs here at home and about 200 pairs in a container with the entire continence of my house on the way over from the USA. Probably to many if I think about it.
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