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Updates in v6.1.0 - Jan/Feb 18

25 Nov 2017
Hey Sneakerheads,

I've started working on v6.1.0. A complete version release of the website.

+ Terms of Service update.
+ Premium Services update.
+ Contact page update (it seems to be broken)
+ More info about images you upload.
+ More functionality around private albums and ability to manage access.
+ A locker room page for lads to publicly show off their kicks collection (premium/verified)
+ A large number of admin/moderator functionality (moderators)
+ Video library for verified+ members that includes youtube videos.
+ Fixed change email functions.
+ Updated members search (premium/verified)
+ More information and optional connections with facebook, instagram, twitter
+ Community Page will gets overhauled for verified+ members
+ Updated status page for the geeks who like statistics.
+ Started working on the core functionality for groups.
+ Ability to follow people.
+ Email Photo uploads to your account

There are heaps more little fixes that I won't mention here but these will be the main changes. An email will start to go out to everyone later this week in the slow periods... Traffic to the site has started to increase I'm pretty excited however this growth means we might outgrow the current hosting environment quicker than anticipated.

I'm still in the process of purging accounts that haven't logged for 2 years. I figure if your email bounces after that period you're not coming back. So far I've removed 2.2Gb of files from non active accounts so that's more for space for others.

If you have any suggestions, ideas, better ways to streamline things don't hesitate to message me. I'm all alone doing things.

Josh Sneaker