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Being tested now...

10 Dec 2017
So the new website updates are coming along nicely... it's going to be a nice change for some people.

Chat Server:
Working on changing the private messages to an XMPP server so you'll be able to connect to the chat server later on in the year. This is a BIG step forward means I can have little popup chat boxes like facebook has on the desktop sites.

KIK Bot:
Almost finished working on the KIK bot. Once you connect your squishy/ account with the bot - You can upload photos (and maybe videos) directly from the app. The KIK bot will also allow you to do some basic admin of your account. The bot can also send you email alerts when stuff is happening on the website if you decide to.

Groups / People you know
This will be a HUGE step forward. You will need to join groups or follow people to see their content in your feed. Premium/Verified members will be able to administer a group and request one to be created (for them to admin). Groups need to remain active (aka have people subscribing posting) within 90 days or they will be deactivated. If you've met someone in person you can visit their profile and select "I know this person" they will get notified and if you both agree you will be connected (like the token friends list).

In Summary.

This is almost ready to go... once I'm ready... the new software will be uploaded to for the JAN period. A few people will be given access at this time to test it. All the Squishy content will be moved over to the new server at the end of JAN 18 once I'm happy... on the new domain At that time will redirect to