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Welcome to squishysquishy.co.nz

SquishySquishy.co.nz is a supportive online community of like minded people from all around the world who are interested exploring their version of the 'squishy' fetish.

This website deals with the gay male sneaker fetish and destruction of things by guys in sneakers, socks and bare feet. It also deals with people into other foot related acts.

It could be uncomfortable for people who have not got an open mind to view the content after you login. Content may be of adult nature and some themes may offend people who do not understand the nature of the fetish.

If you are easily offended, have a problem with bad language or gay topics then please DO NOT enter this website.

You must be 18+ to use this website.

Parents should use one or more of the following systems to stop their kids from accessing content targeted at mature adults. Cyber Patrol or Net Nanny.

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