Premium Services

Keep the community going.

As you'll notice there are no ads on so we rely on the generosity of members who enjoy using the website to help out now and then. We currently have three levels of access. Premium (people who make donations), Verified (people who are active) and Basic.


Premium members are the backbone of the website. They are the ones that keep the proverbial lights on and the data flowing. Without the donations from our premium members the lights would go out and the data would stop flowing. If every member donated US$10 a year we'd be sorted but unfortunately in this day and age everyone wants free stuff.

Why not make a donation today...


Make sure you leave your squishy username in the comment.


Getting verified is simple as being a valued member of our website community. To get verified you will have had to be around for more than 12 months, interacted at least once every 90 days. The process is somewhat automated. Verified members have additional privileges.

* Note: Some functionality mentioned is not yet available.